The link between sleep and your health is one of the most exciting - and now relevant - areas of clinical research in the 21st Century. While nothing can completely protect you from illness, common sense prevention measures are important as we seek to protect our health. 

Research from the University of Tübingen (details HERE) provides some insight into how sleep affects our immune systems. The lead scientist, Stoyan Dimitrov, PhD explains that T-cells - which are important immune cells that attack disease causing pathogens and viruses - are more effective when our bodies have low levels of stress hormones. What lowers stress hormones? SLEEP!

According to Dimitrov, “Stress hormones dip while the body is asleep. High levels of these substances might decrease the efficiency of T cell immune response to kill pathogens.”  In short - sleep gives your immune system its best chance at fighting many illnesses. 


While no formal research has been done on the effect of quality sleep on COVID-19 outcomes, leading pulmonologist Bruce Davidson, MD provides some insight on how you may reduce your vulnerability to coronovirus - including how you sleep. Details: HERE

During deep sleep, it may be easier for viruses to enter you lungs. To limit this, he recommends:

  • Use common sense + avoidance to limit the potential for breathing or coming in contact with the virus
  • Wash your hands, face, and nostrils well before sleeping
  • Avoid alcohol, sedatives or sleep aids before sleep

Wrapping it up - Here's to your health!

The health benefits of quality sleep are almost endless, but over 1/3 of Americans are sleep-deprived. We encourage everyone to indulge in a little self-love and focus on getting a good night's rest.

Eric Olsen, MD - a Mayo Clinic pulmonary specialist - puts it into perspective, "“People have to honestly reflect on the amount of sleep they’re getting because a lot of the problems are voluntarily induced, and they just need to decide to prioritize an adequate night’s sleep.”  

Here's to your health!

-The Chiromatic Team

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